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WildEarth Guardians' publications are treasures of information and inspiration. Whether you want light but educational reading or to delve deep into the legal details of a scientific petition to protect an imperiled species, you will find something of interest here.

Our newsletter is published three times each year in the winter, summer, and fall. Each issue is chock full of updates on our work, photography illustrating the beauty that we seek to protect, and a feature article on one of our top priorities. In the spring we publish our annual report that details successes and milestones, income and expenses, donors and staff. Our intention is to be transparent about our business and our conservation work.

We are particularly proud of our reports. Each one details a specific area of our conservation work and sets out our vision for what is possible. If you are interested in the specifics of one of our top priorities, you can find more information in these well researched jewels. Written by our talented staff, WildEarth Guardians' reports are real page turners.

Key to the success of our work to protect imperiled species is the Endangered Species Act, our Nation's most powerful environmental law. Protect a species and you protect its habitat. Protect the Mexican wolf and you protect the Gila. Protect Sage Grouse and you protect the Sagebrush Sea. Review our ESA listing petitions here. It can take years and years of persistence and dogged advocacy in federal courts to require the Interior Department to list species in need of federal ESA safeguards. Today literally hundreds of species are on the ESA's "warranted but precluded" waiting list, needing ESA protection but being denied it by political interference at the Interior Department. In addition to petitioning to protect individual species we are working to break the listing logjam and usher hundreds of critically imperiled species from the waiting list to full ESA protection.

In September 2013, WildEarth Guardians dramatically increased its publications reports and resources through a merger with Wildlands CPR. Wildlands CPR was known, in part, for its work as a clearinghouse of information related to the science, law and policy of road and off-road vehicle management. We’ve incorporated their entire collection of resources into our website, including their bibliographic database, their collection of literature reviews, field notes and legal/policy primers, and the many reports they published between 1994-2013. We’ve integrated their most important recent reports into our reports page. To search through the entire collection of archived Wildlands CPR resources, click here.