Wolf Face Painting Tips


With the help of 5-year-old wolf advocate Stanley Pelz, we've made a video to help you get in touch with your inner wolf with our facepainting tips. Put on your best wolf face and stand up for wolves. Be sure to keep those ears pricked for more news on actions you can take to support continued protection of wolves under the Endangered Species Act. See our Kid's Corner for more fun "wolf-y" things to do.






Kids Love Wolves

Kids 4 Wolves Throughout the summer of 2014 we were at events all over the Southwest building momentum and empowering local advocates to help pass positive legislation and change policies that negatively impact our wildlife, wild places, wild rivers, and the climate in the American Southwest. Check out our Kids Love Wolves photostream to see how smart kids rally for wolves.




Rides With Wolves

Nat Cobb closeup 1014

Meet Nat Cobb, a WildEarth Guardians' board member, who rode the Tour Divide during June and July 2014 and in the process raised nearly $26,000 to help save wolves.

Here’s what Nat had to say when he returned from his 2,750 mile adventure “Well, I did it. Rode all the way from Banff to Antelope Wells under my own power, on some of the toughest dirt roads in America. Along the way, I had the privilege of experiencing the wonder of the Great Divide—the plains, forests, mountains and rivers that form the spine of our continent. Sleeping out under those huge skies, I was grateful that there is still so much open country out there. I saw elk, moose, bear, foxes, cranes, eagles, and twice the unmistakable tracks of our friend the wolf. Many mornings the birds were just waking up as I was brewing my tea, and their songs comforted me and prepared me for the ordeal of each day. I have never done anything harder than this, or more beautiful."