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Welcome to WildEarth Guardians' "kids' corner" for kids of all ages. We have gathered these links together to inform and inspire. We love wolves and we hope that if you don't already, that after finding out more about them, you will too. Stay and explore for awhile. And share! We are grateful to all of the organizations that have provided the great content you will find below.

Wolf & Wildlife Preservation Centers

The best way to learn about wolves is to visit your local Wolf and Wildlife Preservation Center. Take a tour to meet the wolves face to face and watch how wolves go about their daily lives.

Sign up for Wolf Camp and learn about tracking, find a wolf to adopt that you can support directly, or even consider taking a Full Moon Tour. Don’t forget the best opportunity yet and register to become a volunteer. As a volunteer, you join a team that cares for the wolf packs and protect them from many challenges. Be sure to take a camera along for this amazing experience!

Living With Wolves film

Living With Wolves Film

Can you imagine a life among the wolves?

Join Emmy-Award Winners Jim and Jamie Dutcher in their 6-year adventure of filming the Sawtooth Pack of Wolves. In this breathtaking film, open your eyes to the social roles of the pack and watch as wolves and humans grow to become friends.

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World of Wolves iPad app

The World of Wolves, iPad app

Explore the lives of wolves through amazing photography on your device page after page. Learn about the different species, the ranks of the pack, and everything else you wanted to know. Did you see that video of the wolves playing? Cool!

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Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center, iPhone App

Discover the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center with this new App. Meet the wolves at the sanctuary, explore fun facts, and look at some impressive photos just with the touch of your finger!

The App also lets you sign up for some exciting and interesting volunteer and educational opportunities. Let the online tour begin!

Bonus - free wolf iPhone wallpapers!

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"The Hidden Life of Wolves", book

From Natural Geographic, “The Hidden Life of Wolves,” tells the beautiful story of the beloved Sawtooth Pack and their behavior. The stunning photos help detail their lives in Yellowstone National Park and the charts highlight why wolves are vital to our precious ecosystem.

What a good gift idea for all wolf lovers!

Learn about this book here

Mission: Wolf
day visits, camping, volunteering and experimental education

Day Visits: Daily visits to Mission: Wolf is truly an exciting experience. Learn about wolf history and traits and help out with the big feed. During the big feed, you can empty a full bucket of raw meat to a wolf! If you’re lucky, you can also meet a wolf face-to-face. Visit page

Camping: Enjoy the fire pit, sleep in a tipi, and wake up to the howling of the wolves! Don’t miss the opportunity to stay at Mission: Wolf’s free campsite. Stop by for a few hours or a few days to enjoy the mountains, the landscape, the stars, and, of course, the wolves. Visit page

Volunteer: Be sure to have some extra time so you can help by volunteering! Mission: Wolf is operated by volunteers and on donations, so even a little can help a lot. For the not-so-faint-of-heart, consider long term volunteering and living among the wolves. Visit page

Experiential Education: What a cool adventure for a school trip, summer camp, scout camp, and international volunteering. Camp out, live sustainably in nature, and volunteer to help out the wolves. Hands on learning is the way to go! Visit page

"Running for Home" book

Check out Running for Home for a beautiful, fictional story about a wolf returning to Yellowstone National Park after being missing for 70 years. Meet Chinook the wolf, Wapiti the elk, and Mochni a raven, and see how they get along. This fun, adventurous book is great for adults and kids alike! Be careful to look for the hidden animal in each illustration.

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Which Wolf?

There are many differences among the wolf species, from where they live to what they eat. Many wolves are even endangered!

Learn some exciting facts about the wolves and read about the Arctic Wolf, the Timber Grey Wolf, and the Mexican Grey Wolf. Can you tell them apart?

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Coloring books

Feel free to download and print these wolf drawings and color away!.

Wolf Haven

Enrichment Tour of Wolf Sanctuary at Wolf Haven International, Washington

Would you like to have a closer look at our wolves? Join Wolf Haven International for an enrichment tour to get the up close look you've been waiting for. An enrichment program is a way to keep the wolves stimulated by introducing new items into their environment. An enrichment item can be food, a toy, a scent object - nearly anything! You will be able to watch the wolves play with their jerky, sardines, pizza boxes, or other fun item.

Wolf Haven Tours

Wolf Haven International Girl Scouts Patch Program

Are you a Girl Scout and want to help out Wolf Haven International in Washington? Look up some great opportunities to care for the wolves in sanctuary. Don’t forget to get a badge while you’re at it!

Download Girl Scouts Patch Program by Wolf Haven International

I love wolves Harley 17 with border

Kids Love Wolves

WildEarth Guardians staff spent much of 2014 on the road advocating for wildlife. Conservation battles are never finally “won.” To defend our victories, we must keep the public educated and engaged in protecting the wild. We don’t have to convert our opponents. We just have to mobilize the majority of the public that agrees with us. That requires grassroots organizing – face to face engagement with the public. In UT, CO, and NM we collected over 2,500 postcards addressed to Interior Secretary Sally Jewell supporting the protection of wolves. We took over 250 photos of children holding an “I Love Wolves” sign. We’ll send the pictures to wildlife officials to demonstrate that kids want wolves to still be here when they get older. View our Kids Love Wolves photos.

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Wolf Haven International, Wolf Haven International logo, Wolf Haven International Girl Scout Patch program: photo and graphic by Wolf Haven International
Mission Wolf: photos by Mission: Wolf
Living with Wolves film, The Hidden Lives of Wolves book: photos by Living With Wolves
Wolf Den (Mexican wolf and pups): Endangered Wolf Center
Running for Home book: illustration by Durwood Coffey
Kids Love Wolves: WildEarth Guardians