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Wolf Conservation Program

Our wolf conservation efforts protect endangered wolves—specifically gray and Mexican wolves—in the face of illegal killings and government removals. These charismatic canids were entirely eradicated from the American West by the mid-1900s at the behest of the livestock industry. Science now tells us that wolves are critical to the health of the landscapes that they inhabit. WildEarth Guardians uses a variety of tools, including policy advocacy, public education and litigation to advance the cause of weaving wolves back into the heart of the American West.

In the Southern Rocky Mountains (i.e. south central Wyoming, western Colorado and north central New Mexico), we are working to foment the recovery of endangered gray wolves. Science shows the region could host over 1,000 wolves, but reintroduction may be necessary to jump start a gray wolf recovery. We think that Rocky Mountain National Park and surrounding federal lands, totaling over two million acres of potential gray wolf habitat, could provide a strong foothold for wolves in the Southern Rockies.

In the Gila Bioregion of southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona, we strive to ensure that Mexican wolves flourish, in the face of illegal killings and government removals. Working to rekindle and protect the tiny population of Mexican wolves in the Southwest, WildEarth Guardians has joined with other groups to launch www.mexicanwolves.org.

Support Our Current, Effective Strategies To Protect Endangered Wolves

To make the West safe for endangered wolf species, WildEarth Guardians is working to:

  1. Restore an ecologically effective wolf population to the Southern Rockies, through litigation and public outreach.
  2. Obtain full recovery of the Mexican wolf in the Gila, through litigation and voluntary retirement of grazing permits on federal land.
  3. Protect wolves throughout the West from the dangers of trapping, shooting, and predator control devices.
  4. Connect one million people with wolves in a way that engages them in letter writing, rally attending and activism.

With a little help from their human friends and freedom from persecution, wolves can once again work their ecological magic in the West. Donate now to help save the magnificent wolves of the west.


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Defend the Endangered Species Act
Tell Congress Not to Undermine the Endangered Species Act
Don't Let Mexican Wolves Get Trumped
We are disappointed that the Draft Plan appears to be founded more upon the scientifically unsound political desires of anti-wolf states, than firmly rooted in science and the law as it should be.
Help End the War on Wildlife
Tell the Feds: Stop Using My Tax Dollars to Kill Wildlife
Preserve Protections for Gray Wolves
Tell your Senators to vote no on the Sportsmen's Bill to protect all wildlife and the integrity of the Endangered Species Act.
Stop Attacks on Rare Native Wildlife
Join us in defending the Endangered Species Act! Tell your Congressional representatives and President Trump that playing politics with extinction is unacceptable.
Stop the "War on Wolves" Act
Join us in calling all your lawmakers and ask them to oppose these dangerous and misguided bills. Send emails too.

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