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WildEarth Guardians envisions a day when Western native carnivores such as coyotes, wolves, pumas, and bears thrive in robust, ecologically functional populations in the midst of vibrant ecosystems.  Our legacy will manifest in a tapestry of humanity and nature, where every decision made by individuals and institutions reflects an abiding respect for our interdependence and need for natural systems that sustain us.  

We envision a future where urban, rural, and exurban people will tolerate, embrace and even appreciate these majestic creatures.  This mutual respect will allow us to resolve conflicts between ourselves and with wildlife using common sense, non-lethal means.

We envision a future where the U.S. government does not fund the killing of animals to benefit agribusiness and where the federal Wildlife Services agency has been abolished, and when wide-ranging carnivores such as wolves, wolverines, and grizzly bears have their freedom to roam without threats from aerial gunners or minefields of deadly poisons and barbaric traps.

Each generation that inherits this legacy will understand the chorus of a distant wolf pack, the track of a lynx, the sight of a leaping coyote, and the sound of children at play as precious strands in the web of life.