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Guardians Voices: The Sage Grouse Stories


Episode One: The Photographer


Episode Two: The Scientist


Episode Three: The Student


Episode Four: The Activist


About these films:

For millennia, sage grouse gathered each spring in the high, cold deserts of the Intermountain West to fan their feathers, fight for dominance, and compete for mates in a dance of renewal and hope for the future. These magnificent birds were once little-known, but as human-caused habitat destruction sprawled across the Sagebrush Sea—a place that has always been their home—their numbers dwindled until the sage grouse teetered on the brink of extinction and put them in the spotlight. Now the focus on sage grouse is one of the greatest conservation battles of our time, their plight has attracted guardians who are now fighting to protect the  remaining sagebrush habitats and restore this iconic bird to its former abundance. We are proud to bring you some of their stories.

What you can do to helpGunnison Sage Grouse pc Noppadol Paothong with credit

Today, sage grouse conservation efforts are threatened by attempts in Congress to thwart Endangered Species Act protections, and to block funding for imperiled species such as sage grouse, wolves, and the lesser prairie chicken. For decades the Endangered Species Act itself has been a major target for anti-environmental extremists in Congress and their allies in the fossil fuels and livestock industries. In recent years, opponents of endangered species protection have hijacked must-pass spending legislation by attaching unrelated “policy riders,” that strip protection from rare and imperiled species or seek to dismantle key provisions of the Endangered Species Act. Please contact your elected representatives in Congress and tell them to keep federal spending bills free from harmful policy riders that seek to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

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