The Rural Economic Vitalization Act

WildEarth Guardians has promoted voluntary grazing permit retirement for more than a decade. In November 2011, we supported Representative Adam Smith (WA) to introduce the Rural Economic Vitalization Act (REVA) in Congress as House Bill 3432, which would allow third parties to compensate ranchers to permanently retire their federal grazing permits. On August 6th 2015, Rep. Smith reintroduced REVA into the 114th Congress as House Bill 3410. This legislation is a win-win-win solution for ranchers, the environment and taxpayers. Grazing could finally be eliminated on sensitive public lands and watersheds; the federal government would save money on the retired allotments; and ranchers could use their compensation to downsize their operation, start a new business or retire. REVA is gaining Congressional cosponsors and support for the legislation is building among conservation, animal welfare, birding and government accountability organizations.

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