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WildEarth Guardians balances our reform of public lands policy and protection of wild places with on-the-ground forest and watershed restoration. Active restoration provides opportunities for members and volunteers to give back to future generations and creates jobs in rural, land-based communities.

WildEarth Guardians is restoring fragmented forests and waterways polluted by domestic livestock and a legacy of logging roads. We’ve replanted native riparian vegetation on hundreds of miles of rivers and streams and removed barbed-wire fence that impedes wildlife movement. In collaboration with land management agencies and local contractors, we are rewilding large landscapes and wildlife corridors as well as restoring hydrological function. This work is part of a larger climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy.

View our Wild Rivers page to learn more about our hands-on river restoration efforts.

View our Stream Team page to learn more about our annual community tree planting events that restore streamside forests across New Mexico and Arizona.


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