Campaign Marks

In 2015, WildEarth Guardians began working with the communications experts at Ripple to brand out highest priority campaigns. To build the public support and momentum that success requires, we want to be mindful of how we reference our work. Packaging the work gives it a hook that people can grab hold. By naming the campaign and consistently referencing the campaign by that name, we are already seeing how we can amplify the campaign goal. As an example, recently President Obama uttered the phrase “Keep It In the Ground”. The brand make it easier to understand the goal of the campaign. The brand also ensures that Guardians work is easily recognized for its boldness and results which then generates the fiscal and political capital we need to be successful.

Get the Frack Out of Greater Chaco Logo With Chaco Canyon at its heart, Greater Chaco faces an onslaught of new drilling and fracking, threatening the region’s deep cultural heritage, the climate, and impacting native and other human communities. We’re doubling down to rein in the oil and gas industry.
Greater Gila Protect The Legacy Mark

Today there are more than 2.2 million acres of still wild and unprotected roadless lands that surround the Greater Gila Bioregion and the adjacent Aldo Leopold Wilderness Areas. It is one of the last landscapes in the continental U.S. where such vast wildness remains.  It needs to be protected. WildEarth Guardians aims to give the wildness that remains in the Greater Gila Bioregion the space to endure.

Keep it in the Ground Logo Coal is dirty and costs our society dearly. That’s why WildEarth Guardians is confronting coal production and consumption to accelerate the transition away from this dirtiest of dirty fuels. Our aim is to expose the true cost of coal and create space for clean energy to take root. 
Endangered Species Campaign mark Native plants and animals are going extinct at accelerated rates across the globe. While extinction is a natural process, the current extinction rate is at least 1,000 times the historical rate indicated by the fossil record. This mass extinction crisis is due to habitat destruction, climate change, pollution, exploitation, proliferation of non-native species, and other threats. The fundamental drivers of the loss of biodiversity are human overpopulation and overconsumption. WildEarth Guardians is committed to preventing extinction. We use an array of legal tools and on-the-ground work to protect species and their habitat.
Rio Grande Mark The mythical Rio Grande, which stretches nearly 1,900 miles from its headwaters in the snow-packed Rocky Mountains in Southern Colorado to its mouth at the Gulf of Mexico is the ecological, cultural and economic lifeblood of the region. Today this Great River is in dire straights, primarily because there are too many demands—agricultural, municipal and industrial—tapping its limited supplies. In addition to water diversions and ground water pumping, pollution, development and habitat destruction are threatening the Rio Grande and its bosque. WildEarth Guardians is in the midst of a nearly two decade-long campaign to protect and restore the Rio Grande and its largest tributary, the Pecos River.