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Our top priority campaigns reflect the most urgent issues that we face in the American West and in our Nation. In each of our four programs — wildlife, wildplaces, wild rivers and climate & energy — we seek to confront destructive policies and practices and pave the way for a more harmonious means to co-exist with nature. Each top priority campaign is designed to have the greatest impact. Through strategic focus, measurable goals and targeted funding, we are able to stretch our conservation dollars and make progress towards cleaner air, more abundant wildlife, protected lands and restored rivers.

Stay tuned for new priority campaigns. We intend to continue being a fierce Force for Nature.


Carnivore Protection
Pressing for protections for ecological heroes. 

Endangered Species Protection
Protecting imperiled species from extinction.

Ending Public Lands Trapping in New Mexico
Striving for the end of cruel and dangerous trapping on our public lands in New Mexico.

Ending the War on Wildlife
Advocating for the end to the federal government’s taxpayer-funded wildlife killing program.

Protecting the Prairie Dog Empire
Working to ensure that the ecological engineers of the West survive an onslaught of threats.

Wild Oceans
Protecting imperiled marine species from extinction.

Wolves in the American West
Ensuring that these majestic icons of the West survive for future generations.

Wild Places

Clean Waters, Wild Forests
Using the Clean Water Act to protect streams and rivers, which in turn protect the forests in which they are found.

Off Road Vehicle Reform
Reducing the destruction caused by Off Road Vehicles on wildlands.

Grazing Permit Retirement
Voluntary grazing permit retirements that secure financial value for ranchers who choose the option and collaborate on the long-term stewardship of our shared landscape.

Working to reduce the expansion and damage of roads on public lands for the health of watersheds, fish and wildlife habitat, and wild places.

Saving the Sagebrush Sea
Revitalizing the vast sage landscape that is one of North America’s most endangered ecosystems.

The Greater Gila: America’s First Wilderness
Working with public lands ranchers to promote win-win solutions and expand wilderness designation in an awe-inspiring landscape.

Wild Rivers

Free Flowing Rio Grande
Doing what it takes to make sure the West’s great river has rights to her own waters.

Stream Team
Fostering and promoting a volunteer based approach to riparian restoration.

Climate and Energy

Frack-free Public Lands
Working to protect the American West from oil and gas drilling and extraction.

Keep it in the Ground
Confronting coal production and consumption to accelerate the transition away from this dirtiest of dirty fuels.

Power Past Coal
Curbing the use of fossil fuels and promoting appropriate renewable energy.