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Latest Count Shows Smallest of Increases in Wild Mexican Wolf Population

Genetic crisis looms as state and federal roadblocks hamper lobo recovery

Public Support for Protecting Flathead's Wildlife Loud and Clear

Thousands urge U.S. Forest Service to keep promise to protect wildlife on Flathead National Forest

Low Flows Predicted for Rio Grande in 2018

Forecast Predicts 21% of Average

Rio Rancho Targets Agricultural Water to Sure Up its Wells

Guardians Files Protest to Protect Rio Grande Flows

Texas Hornshell Mussel Gains Legal Protections

Rare mussel listed as "endangered" under the Endangered Species Act

Zinke Targets Southeastern Montana With Massive Federal Oil and Gas Giveaway

More Than 100,000 Acres, Including the Tongue River Valley, on the Chopping Block

Native Groups and Allies Demand BLM Redirect Course to Stop Fracking Chaco

Protectors Highlight Mounting Controversy with Greater Chaco Management Plans

Wolf advocates sue: 'Recovery plan' sets Mexican wolves on road to extinction

Plan violates Endangered Species Act in nine different ways

Unprecedented Number of Appeals Filed to Defend Greater Chaco from Fracking

Tribal Groups, Businesses, Farms, Citizens File 120 Appeals to Stop Bureau of Land Management Plans to Auction Public Lands to Oil and Gas Industry

Feds Move to Strip Lynx of Endangered Species Act Protections

Instead of Developing a Plan for Imperiled Lynx, Feds Abandon Recovery

Trump, Zinke Plan to Open Public Lands Near the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park and Beartooth Front for Fracking

Despite Zinke's Promises, Montana Is In the Crosshairs for Oil and Gas Development

Conservation Groups Urge Interior Secretary Zinke to Round Up Bundy's Trespassing Cattle

Bundy Court Decision Didn't OK Illegal Grazing

Rio Grande Flows Look Bleak in 2018

Forecast Predicts 24% of Average

WildEarth Guardians Challenges Trump and Zinke's Plans to Frack Chaco Canyon

4,400 Acres of Greater Chaco Slated for Drilling Despite Indigenous Demands

National Forests to Re-think Rubber Stamps on Winter Travel Maps

Facing legal challenge, three Intermountain forests will review snowmobile maps

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