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Lawsuit Filed to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat on Payette National Forest

WildEarth Guardians steps up to ensure clean, cold water that bull trout depend on is protected against harms from roads and motorized trails on Payette National Forest

Rare Dolphins and Guitarfish Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protections

Imperiled Marine Species Threatened by Fishing, Bycatch and Habitat Loss

BREAKING: Over 40 Activists Currently Occupying the Department of Interior to Demand President End Fossil Fuel Lease Sales

Keep it in the Ground leaders from across the country risk arrest to demand President Obama end new fossil fuel extraction on public lands and waters

Beloved Joshua Trees Move Toward Endangered Species Act Protection

Southwestern Icon Threatened by Habitat Loss, Climate Change

Emergency Protections Sought for Imperiled Lesser Prairie Chicken

New Science Shows Key Populations Are in Imminent Danger of Extinction

Court Orders Fish & Wildlife Service to Reexamine Lynx Critical Habitat

Feds Failed to Protect Key Habitat in Colorado

Two Imperiled Missouri River Fish Need Legal Protections

Endangered Species Act Protections Sought for Sturgeon Chub and Sicklefin Chub

Thousands Speak out for Climate and Chaco Canyon, Call for Canceling New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale

New Mexicans Demand Obama Administration Protect Public Lands and Communities, Keep Oil and Gas In the Ground

WildEarth Guardians Reaches Western Colorado Clean Air and Clean Energy Agreement

Settlement With Tri-State Generation and Transmission Opens Door for Transition from Coal

New Studies Highlight Management Actions That Can Reduce Impacts of Over-Snow Vehicle Use on the Environment

Best Management Practices can help land managers balance opportunities for motorized and non-motorized winter recreation

Climate Advocates Call for Keeping Fossil Fuels in the Ground at New Mexico Oil and Gas Lease Sale

New Mexicans rally, call on Obama Administration to stand up to demands of fracking industry

Court Ruling Secures Unprecedented Scrutiny Over New Mexico Coal Mine

Obama Administration Ordered to Conduct Environmental Review of San Juan Mine or Face Shutdown

Western Groups Respond to Decline in National Park Visitation Due to Oil and Gas Activity

Oil and Gas Activities Negatively Impact More Than Tourism Dollars

Western Coal Mining Plans Reversed

WildEarth Guardians Wins Appeals, Climate Spared

Obama Administration Sued to Protect Climate, Public Lands from Drilling and Fracking

10 Million Acres Leased for Oil and Gas by Obama, Yet Climate Change Consistently Ignored

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