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National Grassland Defended from Fracking

Guardians Challenges U.S. Forest Service to up Protections for Air, Water, Wildlife on Pawnee National Grassland

Extreme Logging Plan Challenged in Arizona

WildEarth Guardians Files Objection to Four Forest Restoration Initiative

Senior Colorado Grouse Scientist, Conservationists Challenge Inadequate Gunnison Sage-Grouse Protections

'Threatened' status undermines imperiled birds' survival and recovery

BLM Farmington Holds Pipeline Public Meeting

But Refuses to Let the Public Speak

Guardians Targets Toxic Air Pollution from Fracking

EPA Overdue in Updating Limits on Cancer-causing Benzene, Other Harmful Pollutants at Oil and Gas Facilities Nationwide

Air Pollution from Utah Coal-fired Power Plant Targeted

WildEarth Guardians Appeals Permit that Fails to Protect Clean Air, Public Health

BLM Defers Fracking Near New Mexico's Sacred Chaco Canyon

Rampant drilling in the San Juan Basin continues to threaten public health, cultural resources, climate, and clean air and water.

Rio Grande Lawsuit Refocused

Commitment Sought from Water Users to Support Living River

Transparency and Policy Reform Demanded of Interior

Solutions Proposed for a Healthy Rio Grande

Ban Sought on New Mexico's Wildlife-killing Contests

New National Data Rank State Highest in the Number of Cruel Killing Contests

Fracking Along Colorado Front Range Threatens Clean Air, Climate

Guardians Calls on Feds to Abandon Plans to Auction Public Lands to Oil and Gas Industry

New Study Finds That Grass Height Drives Sage Grouse Nest Success

Livestock Grazing Implicated in Reduced Grouse Survival Rates

Feds Refuse to Protect Sharks

Northwest Atlantic Population of Dusky Shark Will Not Get Endangered Species Act Protections

Rare Marine Species Move Closer to Protections Under the Endangered Species Act

Six Critically Imperiled Species Proposed for Legal Safeguards

Feds to Rein in Toxic Air Pollution at Coal Mines

Office of Surface Mining Grants WildEarth Guardians Petition Calling for Limits on Poisonous "Orange Clouds"

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