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Rio Grande Levee Lawsuit Expanded to Protect Imperiled Cuckoo

Corps' plan threatens to destroy habitat to cut costs

Better Protection for Grizzly, Wolverine and Lynx Needed on Montana National Forest

WildEarth Guardians Encourage Wildlife be Prioritized over Motorized Vehicles in Proposed National Forest Plan

Off Road Plan Disputed on Montana National Forest

WildEarth Guardians and Friends of the Bitterroot Allege Wildlife and Water will not be Protected

Groups Seek to Stop Unstudied Chaco Fracking

Motion Filed to Halt Drilling Approvals as Feds Turn Back on Health and Environment

Colorado Coal Mining Found Illegal

Court Ruling Opens the Door for Public Involvement, Environmental Protection

Sheep Won't Graze at Government Station This Summer

Litigation Cited in Decision

New Report: Rocky Mountains, Climate Threatened by U.S. Interior Department Fracking Lease Sales

WildEarth Guardians Calls for Leasing Moratorium as 180,000 Acres of Public Lands to be Auctioned off in May

Conservation Groups Ask New Mexico Game Commission to Oppose Cougar Trapping Proposal

Trapping Plan Would Increase Cruelty, Put Other Wildlife, Pets at Risk

Obama Administration Public Lands Fracking Plans to Unleash as Much Carbon Pollution as a Coal-fired Power Plant

WildEarth Guardians Appeals to Block Approval of 15,000 Oil and Gas Wells on 1.7 Million Acres of Colorado

Clear Cut Logging in Colorado Challenged to Protect Lynx

WildEarth Guardians Lawsuit Contests Forest Service Logging in Scenic Tennessee Pass

Feds Backtrack On Protecting Bi-State Sage-Grouse

ESA Protections Denied Despite Ongoing Threats From Mining, Overgrazing, and Rural Sprawl

Obama Administration Coal Plans to Fuel Exports, Global Warming

Coalition Appeals to Block Utah Coal Sale, Safeguard National Forests and Climate

Forest Plan Challenged for Inadequate Mono Basin Sage Grouse Protections

New Forest Plan Amendment an Improvement, But Major Threats Remain

Forest Service Moves to Permit Bulldozing in Colorado Roadless Forest for Dirty Coal

Proposed loophole could cause half a billion tons of carbon pollution, would undermine Obama administration climate goals

Guardians Appeals to Overturn Public Lands Fracking in Idaho

Protest Filed to Stop Federal Auction of Oil and Gas Leases Near Boise

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