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Progress for Protection: Report on Historic Endangered Species Act Settlement Released

160 Imperiled Species Receive Legal Protections; Challenges Remain

Rare Fish Receive Endangered Species Act Safeguards

Two Imperiled Grouper Species Now Protected

Landmark Settlement Reins in Rogue Federal Wildlife Killing Program

Killing Stops on Over Six Million Acres of Our Public Lands

Pacific Bluefin Tuna One Step Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection

Overfishing Continues as International Negotiations Over Reducing Catch Stall

Wolves Return to Deep Creek

Volunteers repair fence to manage cattle and give wolves space

Utah Attorney General Concludes Potential Lawsuit Demanding Public Lands Not Likely To Succeed

AG's position on issue at odds with Utah's conservative legislature

Congressman Bishop "Red Washes" Tribal Prosperity and Energy Development

Field Hearing Excludes Tribal Community Leaders and Members Discussing Tribal Energy Disparity

Rare Glacier National Park Insect Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protection

Like the Park's Namesake Glaciers, Species Threatened by Climate Change

Speculative Water Grab Threatens New Mexico's Rivers

Challenge requests the State Engineer Deny the Application

Obama Administration Called on to Cancel Illegally Approved Coal Leases

2.5 Billion Tons of Coal Sold to Industry by Unauthorized Officials

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat on Payette National Forest

WildEarth Guardians steps up to ensure clean, cold water that bull trout depend on is protected against harms from roads and motorized trails on Payette National Forest

Rare Dolphins and Guitarfish Proposed for Endangered Species Act Protections

Imperiled Marine Species Threatened by Fishing, Bycatch and Habitat Loss

BREAKING: Over 40 Activists Currently Occupying the Department of Interior to Demand President End Fossil Fuel Lease Sales

Keep it in the Ground leaders from across the country risk arrest to demand President Obama end new fossil fuel extraction on public lands and waters

Beloved Joshua Trees Move Toward Endangered Species Act Protection

Southwestern Icon Threatened by Habitat Loss, Climate Change

Emergency Protections Sought for Imperiled Lesser Prairie Chicken

New Science Shows Key Populations Are in Imminent Danger of Extinction

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