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Report Finds U.S. Interior Department's Fossil Fuel Program Costing Climate Billions

On Heels of "Benefits" Report, a New Look at Carbon Reveals Oil, Gas, and Coal Costing American Public Dearly

Conservation Groups Applaud Federal Planning Effort on Gunnison Sage Grouse

Federal Land Protections Long Overdue, Groups Say

WildEarth Guardians Demands Leadership from Interior

Proposes Solutions for a Living Rio Grande

Advocates Say Streams Must Be Protected to Recover Jumping Mouse

Forest Service Failing to Adequately Curtail Livestock Grazing

New Mexico Governor and Republican 2016 Favorite Suggests Privatizing Public Lands

Federal Land Grab Would Close Recreation, Fishing and Hunting Access to over 23 Million Acres in the State.

Bull Trout Harmed by Years of Agency Inaction

Conservation Groups push federal agencies to address impacts to native fish

Settlement Opens Door for Clean Energy at Colorado Coal-fired Power Plant

Tri-State Generation Agrees to Air Pollution Controls at Craig Plant

Grizzly Bears to Benefit From Closing Costly, Anachronistic Federal Sheep Station in Idaho

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Asked to Follow Through With June Proposal to Close 99-year-old USDA Facility

Amended Nevada-California Forest Plan for Imperiled Grouse Released

New Humboldt-Toyaibe National Forest draft plan a step in the right direction for unique population of sage-grouse

First Shark Species Listed Under the Endangered Species Act

Four Populations of Scalloped Hammerhead Shark Gain Much Needed Protections

Three Rare Parrot Species Protected under the Endangered Species Act

Beautiful Birds Threatened by Poaching for Pet Trade, Habitat Loss

Guardians Demands Interior Department Cancel Coal Sale for Exports

Colorado Coal Auction Threatens More Carbon Pollution, Undermines Integrity and Public Trust

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Rare Lynx From Traps in Idaho

Increase in State-permitted Fur Trapping Leads to Illegal Trapping of Wild Cats

Court Decision Protects Colorado Backcountry From Coal Mining, Safeguards Climate

Conservationists Force Agencies to Take a New Look At Carbon Pollution Impacts

Groups File Notice of Intent to Sue Over Sheep Experiment Station

Conservation groups Cottonwood Environmental Law Center, Western Watersheds Project, WildEarth Guardians, Gallatin Wildlife Association and Yellowstone Buffalo Foundation

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