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Climate activists forcibly removed from American Petroleum Institute-sponsored Politico energy event at DNC in Philadelphia

More than a dozen activists were forcibly removed from the event after openly criticizing the fossil fuel industry

Conservation Groups Challenge Plan for Excessive Motorized Travel on Tonto National Forest

Proposed Plan Likely to Result in Death of Endangered Species, Damage to Habitat, Rivers, Streams

Fighting to Secure Quiet Winter Space for Wolverine, Grizzly and Lynx

Group challenges snowmobile use on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest

Advocates and Indigenous Community Leaders, Organizers, and Elders Rally at BLM Santa Fe

Despite Auction Postponement, Citizens Renew the Call to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

De-listing Puts Lesser Prairie Chicken on Path to Extinction

Numbers Dangerously Low, Major Threats Remain Unaddressed

Guardians Challenges Coal Mine Expansions in Colorado

Filings with Obama Administration Target Illegal Federal Approvals at Three Mines

Groups Rebut Inaccurate Obama Administration Statements on 'Keep It in the Ground' Movement

Ending New Federal Fossil Fuel Leasing Is Common Sense, Science-based and Would Align U.S. Energy Policy With Its Climate Goals

Lawmakers Side with the Fossil Fuel Industry in Push for Online Lease Sales for Drilling on Public Lands and Oceans

President Obama has a clear choice: stand up for the climate or cater to fossil fuel interests

Utah Public Lands Bill a Disaster for Sage Grouse, Sane Energy Development

Bill Gives Control of Federal Fossil Fuel Decisions to State, Locks In Unsustainable Grazing

Amid Mounting Controversy, BLM Halts New Mexico Fossil Fuel Auction

July 20 lease sale to auction oil and gas leases postponed

Community Reacts to San Juan Basin Oil Tank Explosion

Disaster Demonstrates Broader Problems with Fossil Fuel Industry

Facing Climate Protests, Feds Abruptly Relocate New Mexico Fossil Fuel Auction

July 20 oil and gas lease sale moved from Santa Fe to Roswell, N.M.

Feds Sued for Failure to Protect Imperiled Marine Species

Fisheries Service Long Overdue on Legally Required Endangered Species Act Determinations

Lesser Prairie Chicken Numbers Plummet in 2016

Declining Populations Demonstrate Clear Need for Federal Protections

Imperiled Nassau Grouper Receives Long Overdue Legal Protections

Feds List the Species as Threatened Due to Overfishing and Habitat Loss

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