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Suit Filed Challenging Denial of Protections for Gunnison's Prairie Dogs

95% Decline Warrants Endangered Species Act Protections

Red Desert Advocates: BLM Should Seize Opportunity to Protect Red Desert Wilderness Gems

Conservationists and Religious Leaders Seek to Protect Crown Jewel Wilderness

Toxic Air Pollution at Coal Mines Targeted

Petition Calls for Ban on Dangerous Dirty Energy Byproduct; Strip Mines in Powder River Basin the Largest Source of Poisonous "Orange Clouds"

Guardians Calls for no Fracking in Imperiled Sage Grouse Habitat in Colorado

Protest Filed to Stop the Auction of Oil and Gas Leases to Protect Western Wildlife

Conservation Groups Challenge Limited Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken

Legal action taken to close loopholes preventing full protection

Guardians Calls on U.S. Interior Appeals Board to Reverse Coal Export Approval in Colorado

Illegal Lease in Western Colorado to Fuel Climate Change, Air Pollution

Wildlife Groups Seek to Protect Endangered Jaguar's Critical Habitat

Lethal Management Techniques Conducted in Cat's Habitat

Unprecedented Loopholes Undermine Endangered Species Act Protections for Lesser Prairie Chicken

Final Designation Creates Exemption Allowing Continued Oil and Gas Drilling

WildEarth Guardians' in Court Tomorrow Challenging Coal Mine Climate Pollution

D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals to Hear Arguments in Suit to Reverse Environmental Protection Agency

Despite Population Crash, Wyoming Grouse Plan Weakens Protections

WildEarth Guardians submits critique of the Wyoming sage grouse plan

Coalition to BLM: No New Coal Mine in Colorado

New Mine to be Punched in Book Cliffs; Guardians Joins Allies in Calling for Plans to be Scrapped

Federal Power Agency Subsidizing Coal, Shirking Environmental Reviews

Guardians Takes Aim at Wholesale Energy Sales Incentivizing Fossil Fuels

Colorado Coal Mine Expansion to Fuel Climate Exports

Guardians Appeals to Overturn Interior Department Coal Lease Amidst Federal Scandal

Feds Protect Habitat for Jaguars in the United States

Areas are Key to Reestablishing Rare Cats in the U.S.

10 Year Restoration Plan Environmental Analysis Released by Santa Fe National Forest

Southwest Jemez Mountains Landscape Restoration Project covers 170 square miles

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