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Gray Wolf Confirmed Near Grand Canyon

Wanderer From the Northern Rockies is First of its Kind in Northern Arizona Since 1940s

New "Test for Success" Challenges Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force To Protect Families and Communities from Fracking

Report Highlights Key Metrics for Measuring Achievement: Right to Know, Safety Triggers, Bad Actors Banned, Local Control

Speculative Water Grab Threatens Clean Water in the San Juan Basin

Challenge Implicates Unsustainability of Widespread Fracking

A Win for Sharks

Porbeagle Sharks Get a Chance for Legal Protections

Conservationists Challenge Failure to Protect Habitat for Imperiled Canada Lynx

Lawsuit Seeks Protections for Habitat Needed for Magnificent Cats' Recovery

Drilling Project Proposed in Red Desert's Adobe Town Potential Wilderness Draws Controversy

Pipeline construction would destroy the wilderness character of much of the area

Sage Grouse Scientist, Conservationists Challenge Feds' Failure to Adequately Protect the Gunnison Sage Grouse

Critically imperiled bird needs stronger safeguards to survive and recover

National Forest Watersheds In The West Get Long Overdue Boost

A new bill introduced today, co-sponsored by Senator Patty Murray, recognizes that when forests are healthy, clean water for communities is guaranteed.

Feds Refuse to Share Information to Protect Rare Wildlife

Conservationists File Lawsuit to Force Agency Transparency

Gray Wolf Spotted in Grand Canyon National Park for First Time in Over 70 Years

Wandering Wolf Would Lose Protections Under Federal Plan

Groups Call for Fracking Moratorium in Four Corners

Feds Approving Oil Drilling at Expense of Public Health, Cultural Treasures, Safe Climate

Two Rare Prairie Butterflies Given Protections to Escape Extinction

Poweshiek skipperling and Dakota skipper protected under the Endangered Species Act

Resource Protection and Quiet Prevail in National Forest

Seven Years In The Making, Gila's Motorized Travel Plan Survives Multiple Challenges

Groups in Court Today to Argue for Cleaner Air in Utah's Uinta Basin

Public health at risk from EPA's failure to rein in ground-level ozone, booming fracking

Plan to Lease Santa Fe National Forest for Oil and Gas Drilling Risks Community Health and Cultural Resources

Litigation Prepared to Challenge Illegal 20,000 Acre Public Lands Lease

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