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New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands Seeks Handout From United States

Plan would likely result in more oil and gas drilling in New Mexico

Public Demands Greater Chaco Protection

Native Communities and Allies Speak Out at Last Hearing

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Throws Climate Under Bus, Plans Last Minute Giveaway to Fossil Fuel Industry

Coal Sale Planned for Utah, Will Hand Over Public Lands, Unleash Millions of Tons of Carbon Pollution

Public Comments Reveal Tremendous Support for Wilderness and Wildlife in New Flathead National Forest Plan

Over 34,000 citizens ask U.S. Forest Service to protect all roadless lands as wilderness and protect habitat for grizzly bears, other wildlife and fish

Lesser Prairie Chicken Back On Track for Endangered Species Protections

Imperiled Birds Face Increasing Threats

Dam Project Threatens Imperiled Rio Grande Fish

Group Calls for Pardon of Last Known Population

Forest Service Agrees to Rethink How to Protect Critical Bull Trout Habitat from Motorized Use

WildEarth Guardians secures a fighting chance for bull trout on the Fairfield Ranger District, Sawtooth National Forest

Guardians Appeals to Defend Climate from Public Lands Fracking in Colorado and Utah

Obama Administration to Hand Over More Than 30,000 Acres of Public Land to Oil and Gas Industry

Indigenous and Environmental Groups Call on Obama Administration to Stop Criminalizing Climate Speech

U.S. Department of the Interior Called on to Protect Climate, not Prevent and Avoid Scrutiny from Americans

Coalition Challenges Massive Public Lands Fracking in Utah

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Approves Nearly 6,000 New Oil and Gas Wells in Greater Dinosaur Region, Will Produce More Climate Pollution Than 17 Coal-fired Power Plants

Western Advocacy Group Expresses Disappointment in Not Guilty Verdicts for Militants

Who Occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge; Pleads for Safety of Federal Land Managers

Progress for Protection: Report on Historic Endangered Species Act Settlement Released

160 Imperiled Species Receive Legal Protections; Challenges Remain

Rare Fish Receive Endangered Species Act Safeguards

Two Imperiled Grouper Species Now Protected

Landmark Settlement Reins in Rogue Federal Wildlife Killing Program

Killing Stops on Over Six Million Acres of Our Public Lands

Pacific Bluefin Tuna One Step Closer to Endangered Species Act Protection

Overfishing Continues as International Negotiations Over Reducing Catch Stall

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