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Utah Coal-fired Power Plants Threatening Clean Air

WildEarth Guardians Files Suit to Spur Overdue Clean up of State's Largest Polluters

Porbeagle Sharks Move One Step Closer to Legal Protections

Imperiled Ocean Carnivore Gets Second Chance for ESA Listing

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Still Failing to Recover Imperiled Mexican Wolves

Agency Warned to Remedy Violations or Lawsuit will Launch

New Mexico Court of Appeals Declares Atmosphere To Be Public Trust Resource Entitled to Constitutional Protection

Most comprehensive expression of public trust protection for New Mexico's natural resources ever issued by a New Mexico court

Nearly 100 Groups Call on Congress to Reign in Impacts from Fracking

Five New Bills Would Tackle Worst of Fracking from Oil and Gas

Climate Denial at U.S. Interior Department Challenged

Agency Opening Door for Fossil Fuel Development in Western U.S., Turning its Back on Carbon Reductions

Conservationists Protest Disease-Spreading Elk Feeding in Gros Ventre as Chronic Wasting Disease Moves Closer

Research shows that feeding elk greatly speeds the spread of diseases in ungulates

Utah May Fail First Test of State Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

Morgan County poised to usher in resort development among Henefer, Pioneer Camp leks

Groups File Suit to Protect Greater Chaco Region From Dangerous Fracking

Feds Approving Oil Drilling at Expense of Public Health, Cultural Treasures, Safe Climate

Conservationists Challenge Wildlife Services' Authority to Kill Wolves in Washington

Wildlife Services Activities Threaten Wolf Recovery, Healthy Ecosystems

Rare "Living Fossil" Closer to Legal Protections

Fisheries Service Proposes to List the Coelacanth Under the Endangered Species Act

Wildlife Advocates Vow to Keep Pushing for Ban on Killing Contests

Contest Bill Gets Tabled in Committee

Colorado Oil and Gas Task Force Fails To Protect Families and Communities from Fracking

Recommendations Lack Right to Know, Safety Triggers, Ban on Bad Actors, Local Control

"Coloradans Against Fracking" Urges Statewide Ban on the Dangerous Gas and Oil Extraction Method

WildEarth Guardians Joins Launch of Broad-based Coalition

Suit Filed to Ensure Rio Grande's Right to Roam

Levees Threaten Survival of Imperiled Species

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