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Locals and Activists Ask Feds to End Fossil Fuel Auctions for Good

Local Residents and Activists Turn up the Pressure to Permanently End Public Land Fossil Fuel Auctions

Guardians Calls on Obama Administration to Rein in Peabody Coal

Near-Bankrupt Coal Company Illegally Avoiding $1 Billion in Coal Mine Cleanup Costs in Western United States

More Dirty Fuels Stay in the Ground as BLM Postpones Yet Another Oil and Gas Auction

Second Auction Cancellation this Week

Yet Another Oil and Gas Auction Postponed

Boosting Momentum of "Keep It in the Ground" Movement

Lawsuit Challenges Wildlife Services' Authority to Kill Wolves in Oregon

Service also failed to address the effects of killing wolves including impacts on ecosystems

Conservationists to Challenge Denial of Protections for Imperiled Queen Conch

Marine Animal Threatened by Human Consumption, Pollution, Habitat Degradation

State and Federal Agencies Still Largely Failing to Protect Prairie Dogs

Ninth Annual Prairie Dog Conservation Report Card Released

Guardians Appeals to Overturn Coal Mining in Colorado, Wyoming

Interior Department Mining Approvals Endanger Climate, Defy Obama Administration

'Keep It in the Ground' Rally to Target BLM's Oil, Gas Auction in Cheyenne

Local Citizens, Activists to Protest Public Land Giveaway of over 120,000 Acres

Ballots Not Bullets Coalition Statement on Arrest of Ammon Bundy and Other Malheur Refuge Occupiers

Guns and violence are never the answer

Accord Protects Future of Water in San Juan Basin

Limits Reach of Water Transfer to Fuel Fracking

National Forest in Arizona Challenged to Protect Wildlife from Motorized Uses

Suit Filed to Stop Excessive Cross-Country Travel by Motor Vehicles

150,000+ Comments Oppose Coal-mining Loophole on Colorado Forest

Subsidies to Arch Coal Slammed; Renewable Energy Groups Join Wildlife, Climate Advocates in Opposition

Banggai Cardinalfish Proposed for Listing Under the Endangered Species Act

Imperiled Fish, in Demand for the Aquarium Trade, Will Receive Needed Protections

Federal Oil and Gas Public Lands Leasing Program Challenged

Like Coal Last Week, Obama Must Halt Oil and Gas Leasing While Climate and Other Impacts are Finally Studied

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