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Two Rare Prairie Butterflies Given Protections to Escape Extinction

Poweshiek skipperling and Dakota skipper protected under the Endangered Species Act

Resource Protection and Quiet Prevail in National Forest

Seven Years In The Making, Gila's Motorized Travel Plan Survives Multiple Challenges

Groups in Court Today to Argue for Cleaner Air in Utah's Uinta Basin

Public health at risk from EPA's failure to rein in ground-level ozone, booming fracking

Plan to Lease Santa Fe National Forest for Oil and Gas Drilling Risks Community Health and Cultural Resources

Litigation Prepared to Challenge Illegal 20,000 Acre Public Lands Lease

Hunters and Conservationists Join Forces to Protect Imperiled Wolverines

Suit Challenges Feds' Failure to Protect Rare Carnivore from Extinction

EPA Agrees to Fix Flawed Clean Air Plan for Xcel Coal-fired Power Plant

WildEarth Guardians Lawsuit Spurs Agency to Reverse Pro-Pollution Rule

Green Groups Call on U.S. Interior, Ag Departments to Rein in Carbon Pollution

Federal Court Ruling Opens Door for Accounting of Climate Costs in Public Lands Management

Streamside Habitat for Imperiled Mouse Harmed by Cattle Grazing

Group Alleges Forest Service is Failing to Protect Mouse

Guardians Calls on Court to Overturn San Juan Coal Mining in New Mexico

Closed Door Mine Approval Fueling Climate Change, Threatening Clean Air in Southwest

Imperiled Rio Grande Fish Needs Protection

Unchecked Water Withdrawals and Climate Change Are Pushing Species Toward Extinction

Imperiled by Climate Change, Rare Northern Bog Lemming Needs Protections

WildEarth Guardians Petitions for Endangered Species Act Listing

Guardians Calls for Cancellation of Mancos Shale Fracking in Northwestern New Mexico

2,800 Acres Could be Sold to Industry Despite Lack of Safeguards; Climate, Clean Air at Risk

71,500 People Speak Out for Endangered Mexican Gray Wolves

New Rules Expand Area Mexican Wolves Can Roam, But Also Allow Increased Wolf Killing

Settlement Agreement Protects Endangered Florida Panthers

by Halting Massive Expansion of Trails for Off-Road Vehicles in Big Cypress National Preserve

Court Strikes Down Loophole Allowing Road Construction for Coal Mines in Colorado Backcountry

Order finalizes a June decision finding U.S. Forest Service failed to account for climate impacts

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