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WildEarth Guardians' Activist Center

WildEarth Guardians cannot do the work we do without you. Share your voice and activism and speak up today for the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers and a safe climate we all cherish.

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Current Action Campaigns from WildEarth Guardians:

Canadian Lynx ps USFWS

Tell Congress Not to Abandon the Endangered Species Act

Wolves in Oregon pc OR Dept FW

Oregon Wolves Need You Today

Grizzly bear and flowers pc Sam Parks Photography

Grizzly Bears and Getting Shortchanged in the Northern Rockies

West Elk Mountains pc Jeremy Nichols WildEarth

Say "No" to the Arch Coal Giveaway

Yellowstone wolf pc Trip Jennings

No More Blood Money: End the War on Wildlife

Monarch Meme 2015

Monarch Madness: Be a Butterfly Booster this Spring

Chaco Canyon pc WG

We're Going to the Mat for Chaco

Event Invitations from WildEarth Guardians:

Kid in Wolf Mask

Join one of our Colorado wolf advocacy packs and Stand4Wolves!

Gray wolf pc Ray Rafiti

Don't Miss Guardians' Howling Affair happening Friday, May 8 in Denver

Rio Puerco River Before 2004

RSVP to our next Stream Team (tree planting) volunteer day in New Mexico happening on June 2

Chaco Ruins pc WG

Save the Date for our annual Guardians' Gala in Santa Fe, September 25

Other Recent Emails from WildEarth Guardians:

Sarah M in Morocco's Atlas Mountains

A WildEarth Story: The Wild Heals

Valles Caldera NM pc Thomas Shahan

News from the Frontline

Bighorn Sheep Sam Parks

News from the Frontline

Rio Grande small cropped Adriel

News from the Frontline

Blackfoot river property

Donated Montana Home for Sale: Proceeds from sale to fund Guardians' conservation efforts.

photo credits: Canada lynx: USFWS. Oregon wolves—Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Grizzly bear—Sam Parks Photography with permission. West Elk Mountains—WildEarth Guardians. Lamar wolf—Trip Jennings. monarch—Mark Ellis, Creative Commons License, Flickr. Chaco Canyon—WildEarth Guardians. child in wolf mask—WildEarth Guardians. gray wolf—Ray Rafiti with permission. trekking in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains—Morrocan Guide. Stream Team—Jess Alford. Valles Caldera—Thomas Shahan. Bighorn Sheep—Sam Parks Photography. Rio Grande—Adriel Heisey.