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WildEarth Guardians' Activist Center

WildEarth Guardians cannot do the work we do without you. Share your voice and activism and speak up today for the wildlife, wild places, wild rivers and a safe climate we all cherish.

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Current Action Campaigns from WildEarth Guardians:

wolf pc dollarphotoclub

Idaho Wildlife Killing Contest Will Not Take Place This Winter

High Country News Cover Nov_9_2015

Guardians Winning the War Against Coal

Keep it in the Ground Logo

For Crying Out Loud: Keep it in the Ground!

cowboy at sunset pc

Join Us in Calling for Grazing Permit Retirement Legislation

Keep it in the Ground Logo

Let's Keep Up the Pressure to Save our Climate and Our Future

greater sage grouse pc Noppadol Paothong

Tell President Obama: Inadequate Sage Grouse Efforts Must Improve

White House activists

It's Time for the President to Get Serious About Moving Beyond Fossil Fuels

Yellowstone wolf pc Trip Jennings

No More Blood Money: End the War on Wildlife

Upcoming Events:

CO Gives Day 2015

We're Celebrating Your Generosity Colorado: December 8th in Boulder

Landmark Environmental Storage Secured to Sustain Rio Grande

Guardians Ninth Annual Treehugger Bash Happens December 10 in Albuquerque

Other Recent Emails from WildEarth Guardians:

black wolf face pc Dollarphotoclub

News from the Frontline

Aerial Rio Grande pc Adriel Heisey

News from the Frontline

Keep it in the Ground Logo

Another Victory for the Climate

Planting trees pc WG

News from the Frontline

Forest Road Victory Alert

Victory for Clean Water, Wild Forests

Canyons of the Ancients pc Graeme Churchard

News from the Frontline

coyotes Sam Parks

They Can Run But They Can't Hide

photo credits: gray wolves— High Country News Cover—High Country News with permission. keep it in the ground logo—WildEarth Guardians. rancher at sunset—  keep it in the ground logo—WildEarth Guardians. Greater sage grouse—Noppadol Paothong. Climate Rally—WildEarth Guardians.  Lamar wolf—Trip Jennings.  Colorado Gives Day logo—Colorado Gives. wolf— Rio Grande—Adriel Heisey. Keep it in the Ground logo—WildEarth Guardians. restoration team at work—WildEarth Guardians. forest road damage to water—WildEarth Guardians. Canyons of the Ancients—Graeme Chuchard. coyotes—Sam Parks Photography.