WG 25 years banner
In 2014 we celebrated our first 25 years. We halted logging on more than 21 million acres of national forests in the southwest. We ushered in a new era of endangered species protection for more than 1,000 imperiled plants and animals that will get a fighting chance at survival thanks to our historic Endangered Species Act legal settlement. And we forced the closure of coal-fired power plants in pursuit of climate sanity. We have lots more to do, so please plan to stick with us for another 25 years and enjoy our staff origin stories, why we fight so hard and do what we do!
spotted owl circle pc public domain Saving Spotted Owls and Ancient Forests
Read Executive Director John Horning's story
Mex_wolf_circle_Wolf_Conservation_Center10 How "Never Cry Wolf" Made Me a Wolf Advocate
Read former Wild Places Program Director Bryan Bird's story


Rio Grande circle pc Adriel Heisey Fighting for the Rio Grande
Read Wild Rivers Program Director Jen Pelz's story


Oregon_Buttes circle pc Erik Molvar My Call to Action
Read Climate and Energy Program Director Jeremy Nichols' story


greater_sage_grouse_2_circle `pc_Tom_Reichner_shutterstock How the West Was Won
Read former Sagebrush Sea Campaign Director Erik Molvar's story


OR-7_pups-in-log_ circle pc stephenson_usfws Welcoming Wolves Home
Read Wildlife Program Director Bethany Cotton's story


Sierra_Nevada_Sign_c2 pc_Julius_Whittington_CC_Flickr Wake Up To Wildlife
Read Communications Specialist Lori Colt's story


Pueblo_Bonito circle pc Ruscavage-Barz A Voice for the Voiceless
Read Staff Attorney Samantha Ruscavage-Barz's story


Carol 25th anniversary story Why I Am A Guardian
Read Associate Director Carol Norton's story


Earth First Leap into Forest circle A Leap into the Forest
Read former Climate and Energy Campaign Director Tim Ream's story


wolf picture 25 anniversary pc Madeleine Carey My Birthday Wolf
Read Gila Campaign Fellow Madeleine Carey's story


power of trees pc WildEarth Guardians The Power of Trees
Read Restoration Director, Jim Matison's story


The_Wild_Heals_pc_WildEarth_Guardians The Wild Heals
Read Senior Staff Attorney, Sarah McMillan's story


Mt Hood timber sale round pc Mary Dyson The Accidental Activist
Read Public Lands Director, Greg Dyson's story


humphead wrasse pc Paul Cizek CC Flickr The Small, the Strange, and the Ugly
Read Endangered Species Advocate Taylor Jones' story


photo credits: banner: Ray Rafiti. owl: public domain. wolf: Wolf Conservation Center. Rio Grande: Adriel Heisey. Oregon Buttes: Erik Molvar. Greater sage grouse: Tom Reichner. wolf pups: USFWS. Sierra Nevada bear sign: Julius Whittington. Pueblo Bonito Chaco Canyon: Samantha Ruscavage-Barz. desert vista: Mark Gershman. Warner Creek Blockade: Kurt Jensen. wolf: Madeleine Carey. stream: WildEarth Guardians. Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness: WildEarth Guardians. Mt. Hood National Forest: Mary Dyson. humphead wrasse and diver: Paul Cizek, Creative Commons, Flickr.