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Guardians Marks Lynx Conservation Milestone

After nearly a decade of Guardians’ advocacy, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service finally protected lynx in New Mexico and throughout the contiguous U.S. However, the Service simultaneously undermined lynx recovery by failing to protect thousands of square miles of critical lynx habitat. We challenged the inadequate critical habitat designation to ensure a future for these beautiful cats.


Government Warned to Protect Ocelots

Guardians and our partners are holding the Agriculture Department’s rogue Wildlife Services program accountable for failing to consider and address the impacts of its cruel wildlife trapping and killing practices on critically endangered ocelots and their habitat in Arizona. We continue working to daylight this terrible program’s cruel practices to force transparency and protect native carnivores.

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Historic Grazing Buy-Out

In April, Guardians successfully completed negotiations in the heart of the Greater Gila bioregion to retire grazing on 28,000 acres of forest—returning it to the wild. Our novel approach to resolving public land grazing challenges in the Gila offers reprieve to lands and watersheds that have been left vulnerable by years of overgrazing, drought, and wildfire.

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25 Stories to Celebrate Our 25th Anniversary

WildEarth Guardians continues to celebrate our 25th anniversary with a new story on the 25th of this and every month honoring our past and the special places, rivers and creatures that we fight to protect—by and about the people protecting them. Read our most recent story entitled, How I Became a Forest Activist.

Slider Photo credits: Jemez Mountain Salamander: Chris Newsom. Mount Gunnison in West Elk Wilderness: WildEarth Guardians. Rio Grande: Adriel Heisey. Martha, the last passenger pigeon at the Cincinnati Zoo: Wisconsin Historical Images. Greater Gila: Trip Jennings. Wolf puppies: © Tim Fitzharris. Wolverine: © Daniel J. Cox/ New Mexico coal-fired power plant: Glennia, Creative Commons License, Flickr.  25th annv bear: by permission Ray Rafiti. Thumbprint photos - Canadian lynx: USFWS. Ocelot: Tom Smylie, USFWS. Greater Gila Bioregion: Adriel Heisey. Thousand Lakes Mountain spruce forest: Kevin Mueller, WildEarth Guardians. coyote pup meme photo credit: Sam Parks Photography.


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  • Hunters and Conservationists Join Forces to Protect Imperiled Wolverines
  • EPA Agrees to Fix Flawed Clean Air Plan for Xcel Coal-fired Power Plant
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