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Top 10 Species Report 2016 cover image

Top Ten Species Report

WildEarth Guardians nominated the Joshua tree for inclusion in a new report from our allies at the Endangered Species Coalition highlighting ten imperiled species that should be conservation priorities for the Trump administration. We petitioned the iconic tree for Endangered Species Act listing in 2015 and it is now moving toward receiving key protections. The incoming president has shown himself hostile to conservation, stacking his cabinet and government positions with climate change deniers and trophy-hunting enthusiasts. Guardians will stand strongly in opposition to the Trump administration’s destructive plans for our country’s natural heritage. Read more about the species highlighted in the report here.

Pinon Pipeline Halted

New Pipeline Defeated

The 130 mile long Piñon oil pipeline that would have left a giant scar across the Greater Chaco landscape of northwestern New Mexico has been scrapped. All told, it would have opened the door for more than 500 new fracking wells and untold destruction to the region. With this misguided oil pipeline defeated there is new hope for protection of the Greater Chaco region and a transition away from fossil fuels to more prosperous and sustainable communities.

Yellowstone's Grizzly Science Film

Yellowstone Grizzly Science Film

Leading scientists agree: grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem face an onslaught of threats from the impacts of climate change on their food sources and habitat, isolation from neighboring grizzly bear subpopulations, and the impending crosshairs of trophy hunters if their federal Endangered Species Act protections are prematurely removed. Check out this new film by acclaimed filmmakers Anthony Birkholz and Marni Walsh outlining leading scientists' concerns on the government’s proposal to strip Yellowstone’s grizzlies of vital protections.

oil gas protest pc WG

Putting an end to criminalizing climate speech

A coalition of groups has demanded the Obama administration put an end to criminalizing climate activists and renewed calls for a moratorium on fossil fuel leasing on our public lands. In response to calls to protect the climate from oil, gas, and coal production, the Interior Department and Bureau of Land Management have spied on peaceful activists, moved oil and gas lease sales online to avoid protests, and gone so far as to make demonstrations a punishable crime.

Slider Photo credits: Fajada Butte—adobestock. bald eagle—adobestock. prairie chicken—adobestock. Thumbprint photos: Top Ten Report—Endangered Species Coalition. Piñon oil pipeline—Carlan Tapp. Keep Grizzlies Protect youtube video—Anthony Birkholz and Marni Walsh. oil and gas protest—WildEarth Guardians. 


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