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WildEarth Guardians Appeals Court Order to Protect Mexican Wolves

from Indiscriminate, Cruel Traps

Santa Fe, NM. WildEarth Guardians filed notice last Friday with the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals that it will appeal a lower federal court’s decision that allows trapping to continue in the range of the beleaguered Mexican wolf.  The 10th Circuit Clerk of Court today issued a case number in the matter.

 “We believe that the lower court erred in its decision.  The Endangered Species Act Rule protecting the Mexican wolf makes clear that indiscriminate traps may not be set in wolf range,” said Wendy Keefover, Director, Carnivore Protection Program for WildEarth Guardians.  “Free-for-all trapping, especially of coyotes, is illegal under federal law.”

Multiple wolves were killed or harmed by trapping activities in New Mexico as a result of their injuries from cruel and indiscriminate leghold traps, and the State’s failure to take due care to prevent future injuries and mortalities.

“The State needs to do all that it can protect Mexican wolves, but ironically, its position in this litigation has been to elevate careless and harmful practices over conservation,” she added.

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