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Guardians Leads Boycott of "The Grey"

wolf face pc Ray RafitiWolf activists around the country have joined WildEarth Guardians in a boycott of “The Grey,” Liam Neeson’s anti-wolf movie released in theaters last month. The boycott has garnered national media attention. We object not only to the unfavorable portrayal of wolves at a time when their conservation status is eroding, but we are also appalled that four wolves were killed for the film, and the actors actually ate two of them in order to get “into character.” More than 3600 activists endorsed our pledge to boycott the film and signed our letter to the production companies, finance company, director and leading actor expressing their opposition to the film. We will continue to advocate for reinstated and stronger wolf protections in the American West. Please take our pledge if you haven’t already done so!


 Suing to Stop Lobo Trapping

wolf amputee middle for pack pc mex wolf interagency

Last week Guardians filed suit in federal court to halt the use of steel-jawed traps within the Mexican gray wolf recovery area. New Mexico state wildlife agencies allow the longest regulated trapping season of numerous species as well as unregulated trapping of coyotes that have led to more than a dozen wolf injuries and several wolf deaths. We contend that because traps do not differentiate between wolves and other furbearers the state has failed to exercise “due care” to prevent harm to wolves as required by the Endangered Species Act.  


Our Prairie Dog Report Card

Black tailed prairie dog small pc Sandy NervigThe majority of western states and federal agencies continue to fail to conserve prairie dogs according to WildEarth Guardians’ fifth annual “Report from the Burrow.” The report, released on Groundhog Day, or “Prairie Dog Day” as it's known in the West, has become a critical component of our efforts to educate the public about the vital role that this keystone species plays in maintaining healthy grassland ecosystems. The report also highlights prairie dog conservation success stories, including our ongoing partnerships in the communities of Telluride, Santa Fe and southern Utah, where we’re working to protect populations of the Gunnison’s and Utah prairie dog.


Stepping it up Against Fracking in Colorado

well_site Grand Mesa in Gunnison County, CO pc Jeremy Nichol

We scored a victory for clean air in Colorado last month that promises greater safeguards in the face of ramped up fracking. As part of a lawsuit settlement with WildEarth Guardians, the Bureau of Land Management agreed to complete a comprehensive air pollution inventory in the Royal Gorge Field Office, which encompasses all of eastern Colorado and to ensure that fracking does not worsen the Denver metro area’s smog problem. The agreement also prohibits the BLM from authorizing drilling on a dozen oil and gas leases unless it shows that air quality will be fully protected. It’s a big step forward in keeping our clean air safe from fossil fuels.


Oil and Gas Effects on Wildlife

Sand dune lizard pc unknown

Our boundless appetite for oil is threatening imperiled species with extinction according to a recent report released by the Endangered Species Coalition. The report, Fueling Extinction: How Dirty Energy Drives Wildlife to the Brink, highlights imperiled animals, plants, birds and fish that suffer displacement, loss of habitat and the threat of extinction from the development, storage and transportation of fossil fuels. Guardians nominated two species included in the report: the dunes sagebrush lizard, the little lizard you’ve heard so much about from Guardians, and the greater sage-grouse, a species that lives in parts of 11 states and is threatened by oil and gas development in about half of its range. The Coalition annually publishes a “top ten” report on endangered species, with this year’s theme focused on those species most threatened by fossil fuels. 


Victory for Rio Grande Headwaters Forest

Rio Grande National Forest small pc Bryan Bird

WildEarth Guardians and its partner Rocky Mountain Wild scored a victory for healthy forests and clean water in the headwaters of the Rio Grande last week. In a precedent-setting ruling, a federal court overturned a U.S. Forest Service decision authorizing a massive logging project that would have impacted 3,436 acres and built nearly 11 miles of new roads. The Rio Grande National Forest is already reeling from years of unsustainable logging and road building and is slowly recovering. The judge found that the Forest Service cut corners in its zeal to cut down trees, putting the forest and its sensitive soils at risk. It's a big win for the Rio Grande headwaters' forests and the endangered lynx that inhabit the area.


photo credits: Wolf: Ray Rafiti. Wolf amputee: Mexican Wolf Interagency. Black-tailed prairie dogs: Sandy Nervig. Well site: Jeremy Nichols. Dunes sagebrush lizard: public domain. Rio Grande National Forest: Bryan Bird. 

Activist Spotlight:
Henry and Jean Kroll Activist Spotlight small

We am so glad to be associated in a small way supporting the work of WildEarth Guardians. They are an organization on the cutting edge of preserving "The Commons" we all share and must safeguard in the western states.  

–Jean and Henry Kroll,
Prairie Dog Day Activists



 Save the date for our Annual Howling Affair in Denver. On May 10 we’ll host our Colorado fundraiser at the Oxford Hotel featuring guest speaker Paul Watson, long-time activist and president of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Tickets are on sale now for this fabulous night.

Another year and another exciting tree planting event in Santa Fe. We're looking for 50 volunteers to turn out and help us restore a good stretch of the Santa Fe River on March 31. Register online today or for more information call (505) 988-9126 x0. Registration fee is $10.00 per person, the cost of a single tree! Event will be 10a.m. to 3:30p.m. and includes lunch.

House Party, April 5 in Tucson. Join WildEarth Guardians for an evening of good food and thought-provoking conversation — including discussions about Guardians current actions to protect and restore wolves across the American West, hasten the end of our nation’s over dependence on fossil fuels and protect the imperiled species and landscapes that make Arizona special. Watch for additional details; meanwhile, feel free to RSVP early or ask questions by contacting Kevin Gaither-Banchoff or by calling (520) 869-4673.

Sooo, how did it turn out?

In January we asked activists to comment on a new federal sage-grouse planning process and you supplied the Bureau of Land Management with over 2100 comments! We appreciate you urging BLM to develop a management plan that designates a system of sagebrush reserves in the West, protects a suite of Sagebrush Sea species, and authorizes voluntary grazing permit retirement across the landscape. This is just the first round so stay-tuned for more opportunities to advocate for this majestic bird.

In response to our recent action alert, “Thank a Wildlife Champion,” nearly 1500 activists signed our thank you letter to Montana Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Ron Moody. Commissioner Moody publicly opposed proposals to extend wolf and mountain lion hunting to supposedly increase elk populations that have been reduced by human hunting. Guardians will keep you posted on other actions you can take to make a difference for wolves.

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A call for volunteers to staff our events and assist with office needs!

From stuffing envelopes to organizing and helping at our events, plus everything in between, WildEarth Guardians always needs volunteers. Whether you have just a few hours to give or would like to make a regular commitment of your time, we will put you to work on tasks that suit your interest and availability. Visit our volunteer webpage for our current event needs.




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