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Kill the Monster Anti-Environment Bill

Dear Guardian, 

If the House of Representatives has its way, streams will be flooded with pesticides, coal-fired power plants will spew unlimited amounts of toxic air pollution, and as if that weren’t enough, even energy efficient light bulbs will be banned.

Tell your Senator today to stand firm against House attacks on the environment and to ensure that no anti-environmental riders make their way into appropriation bills. 

It’s no exaggeration. This is the worst attack on the environment Congress has ever launched.  

In what we’re calling the Monster Kill the Environment Bill, the House of Representatives is poised to pass nearly 50 anti-environmental riders as part of its appropriations bill. The riders would literally kill every major safeguard protecting our air, our water, our land, and wildlife. 

Consider a rider proposed by Representative Rick Berg (R-ND), which would prevent the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from cleaning up aging coal-fired power plants, even if states refuse to do so. 

The rider would allow states like New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oklahoma - which have so far refused to comply with Clean Air Act requirements to clean up coal-fired power plants - to continue to put polluters ahead of public health. 

It’s a Monster Kill the Environment Bill, but in reality, this is an environmental massacre.

That’s why our Senators need to hear from us right now and they need to hear our outrage. 

In all likelihood, the Monster Kill the Environment Bill will pass the House. Our only hope is with the Senate. Tell them to oppose efforts to kill the environment through the appropriations process. 

This is a critical moment. We have the potential to lose 40 years of progress toward protecting the environment. Make a difference today and tell the Senate to stand strong for our health and our future.

For the Environment,
Jeremy Nichols Signature

Jeremy Nichols Profile

Jeremy Nichols
Climate and Energy Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

P.S. An attack on energy efficient light bulbs? Either the House of Representatives has one few too many efficient light bulbs or this is an ideological war against a government that protects its people. Either way, please take action today to defend against the Monster Kill the Environment Bill.

Smoggy Day in Denver - photo credit CDPHE
photo credit: CDPHE

Air pollution, smog and haze will envelope our skies with this irresponsible congressional bill.


The Monster Kill the Environment Bill You Tube Image Watch Climate and Energy Program Director Jeremy Nichols share why this bill could have disastrous consequences - and why we need you to take action today.




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International activists can take action by sending an email to  President Barack Obama.
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