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Stop Congressional Attacks on Rare Native Wildlife

Join us in defending the Endangered Species Act

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Dear Guardian,

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Yet again, anti-conservation members of Congress are attacking our nation’s most rare and imperiled wildlife.

These sneak attacks are coming in the form of policy riders attached to must-pass spending legislation. The riders would deny Endangered Species Act protections to deserving wildlife including the lesser prairie chicken and greater sage grouse, prematurely strip protections from still recovering species including gray wolves, and defund the agencies charged with aiding these rare species.

Join us in defending the Endangered Species Act! Tell your Congressional representatives and President Obama that playing politics with extinction is unacceptable.

Wildly successful, the Endangered Species Act has prevented extinction for our most imperiled wildlife by implementing safeguards based on science, not politics, for over 40 years. Yet some members of Congress, at the behest of the filthy fossil fuel industry and other special interests, are trying to undermine the law. They know the Act has broad support, so they aren’t attacking it directly, but through underhanded riders attached to unrelated legislation.

Help put a stop to these indefensible attacks: join us in calling on our leaders to protect our most imperiled wildlife.

Congress needs to hear from you and the vast majority of Americans who support protecting rare native wildlife. Take a few extra minutes and call your leaders too. Join us in telling our elected leaders to defend the Endangered Species Act.

For the wild,

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Bethany Cotton
Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians



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