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Make Your Voice Heard
Stop the Piñon Pipeline! 

Dear Guardian, 

New Mexico’s San Juan Basin is a treasured corner of our state, home to the San Juan River, desert wildlife, and spectacular buttes, canyons, and mesas. It is the site of an amazing cultural heritage, centering on Chaco Canyon with many, many miles of surrounding archeological richness. Unfortunately, however, the area is also the site of a brand new oil boom that is increasingly threatening our natural and cultural heritage and local communities, especially Navajo and Hispanic communities.

Now, a Denver-based corporation is trying to build a new 130-mile oil pipeline right through the area, from Lybrook to Malin, quadrupling potential oil production. This disaster would cut through Federal, state, Navajo, and private lands, bringing with it the inevitability of fractured landscapes, destroyed archeological sites, ruined recreation, and dangerous oil spills threatening water supplies and public safety.

All of this is on top of the fact that the area is home to widespread flaring and the nation’s biggest methane plume, further driving global warming. Nearby, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently sold 20,000 acres of oil leases on the Santa Fe National Forest, in an attempt to bring the horrors of fracking there. Perhaps worst of all, BLM admits it has never done an environmental review and doesn’t even have a plan that allows the horizontal drilling and fracking that is tapping our public minerals in the San Juan. It is a disgrace.

But we can stop it, starting with this pipeline!

Due to public pressure and the expressed concerns of Congressman Ben Ray Lújan, BLM has agreed to hold additional public meetings and take additional public comment on the proposed Piñon Pipeline. Please make sure your voice is heard.

There are two ways:

1) Attend a BLM public meeting:

  • Farmington, January 13, 5-7 pm at Farmington Civic Center
  • Lybrook, January 14, 5-7 pm at Lybrook Elementary School
  • Santa Fe, January 15, 5-7 pm at BLM State Office – 301 Dinosaur Trail

2) Send in written comments by January 30 to: 


Fax: 505-564-7607

Mail: Bureau of Land Management
c/o Scott Hall 
6251 College Blvd. Suite A
Farmington, NM 87402

If we are going to beat the oil companies and stop this pipeline, every single one of us needs to help. Please attend one of these meetings or submit your written comments telling the BLM to deny the Piñon Pipeline. Tell them to stop fracking our public lands and to cancel the leases on the Santa Fe National Forest. Fossil fuels like fracked oil should be in New Mexico’s past, not its future.

Thanks for your help and see you at the meetings,

Jeremy Nichols Signature

Jeremy Nichols Staff Photo 2013

Jeremy Nichols
Climate and Energy Program Director
WildEarth Guardians 

Photo credits: EcoFlight (top); Mike Eisenfeld.

nm blm alert photo 1

A new fracking boom is destroying the greater Chaco Canyon area and threatening the Santa Fe National Forest. Now BLM wants to build a 130-mile pipeline through the area and quadruple drilling. Please attend a public meeting in January to say "No!" Learn more >>> Adobe PDF

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