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WildEarth Guardians

 Fracking v. New Mexico,
Help Us Decide Who Wins

Dear Guardian, 

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management is planning to open up more than 6,000 square miles of northwestern New Mexico for fracking, giving the oil and gas industry a license to poison the air, pollute the water, and push wildlife to the brink of extinction.

Send a letter today and tell the Bureau of Land Management stop the fracking madness.

At issue is a proposal to open the door for industry to drill the Mancos shale in the San Juan Basin. The Basin is home to Chaco Canyon, the cultural heart of the American southwest, and the San Juan River, the lifeblood of the Four Corners region.

We’ve kept industry from fracking near Chaco Canyon, but companies are now demanding the Bureau of Land Management open up the region to extensive horizontal drilling, one of the most destructive kinds of oil and gas development. 

The impacts are frightening, with each well potentially requiring 430,000 gallons of water for fracking and producing twice as much carbon pollution as traditional oil and gas wells.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management to stop catering to the oil and gas industry and start protecting our public lands from fracking.

Our future doesn’t lie with fossil fuels. The push for more oil and gas not only promises continued carbon pollution, it threatens to block the development of clean, renewable energy that we need to combat climate change.

More fracking today means less clean energy tomorrow. That’s a future we can’t afford.

Speak out for real clean energy and speak out in support of safeguarding the San Juan Basin and its natural and cultural wonders.

For the Wild,
Jeremy Nichols Signature

Jeremy Nichols Staff Photo 2013

Jeremy Nichols
Climate and Energy Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

Mancos Shale photo credit: Carlan Tapp

Mancos Shale pc Carlan Tapp

Fracking is already busting up the San Juan Basin, fracturing irreplaceable wildlife habitat and threatening cultural landscapes.

No Fracking Way pc istock


Read more about our success so far in protecting Chaco Canyon from fracking.

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