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Arizona Legislation Threatens Mexican Wolf Recovery

Dear Guardian,

Mexican wolves are critically endangered, yet the Arizona legislature is considering reducing protections for this rare species. At the close of 2013 only 83 Mexican wolves roamed free. The population is at tremendous risk due to its small size, limited gene pool, and threats from trapping and illegal killings.

On Monday, Feb. 3, the Arizona Legislature’s Committee on Government and the Environment will consider legislation that would push this tiny, critically endangered population of wolves even closer to extinction. 

One bill, sponsored by Arizona State Senator Gail Griffin, would allow far more trapping and killing of Mexican grey wolves. A second bill would appropriate $250,000 of public funds for state litigation to impede federal efforts to recover Mexican wolves.

Gravely imperiled Mexican grey wolves are native to Arizona and are an important part of our natural heritage. Returning these beautiful, intelligent animals to their native habitats is a key part of restoring the balance to Arizona’s wild lands.

Please contact the Committee members today and tell each to reject the proposed anti-lobo bills. Feel free to call and email each member.

  • Carlyle Begay (602) 926-5862
  • Judy Burges (602) 926-5861
  • Chester Crandell (602) 926-5409
  • Steve Farley (602) 926-3022
  • Gail Griffin (602) 926-5895
  • Katie Hobbs (602) 926-5325
  • Kelli Ward (602) 926-4138

You can read the proposed legislation that allows more killing of endangered wolves, click here and here.

Please act today to stop these outrageous anti-wolf bills in their tracks!

For the lobos,

Bethany Cotton signature

Bethany Cotton staff 2013

Bethany Cotton
Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

Howlsnow wikimedia public Domain pic by Retron
photo credit: Retron/Wikicommons

Wolves are a part of healthy, thriving ecosystems.  Act now to stop the Arizona legislature from passing misguided anti-wolf legislation.

Mexican wolf pc Wolf Conservation Center
photo credit: Wolf Conservation Center

Polling shows 77% of Arizona voters support Mexican wolf recovery—hold the legislature accountable today.




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