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WildEarth Guardians

Get Ready to Howl:
Stand Up for Wolves in the Wild – Join Our Pack!

Dear Guardian, 

Today the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service formally proposed removing the gray wolf from the list of endangered species – and it has us howlin’ mad.  

While the government plans to abandon wolf recovery in almost every state in the Nation, we here at Guardians pledge to do all we can to protect wolves in the wild and return them to the many regions they have yet to re-populate.

Will you join our pack?

Without Endangered Species Act protections, wolves will be at the mercy of hunters’ guns and state wildlife agencies that profit from issuing wolf hunting permits – the very threats that drove wolves to the edge of extinction.  Removing ESA protections for all gray wolves will roll the clock back on 35 years of efforts to bring these amazing animals back from the brink. 

We know from the Yellowstone experience that landscapes with wolves are healthier and more full of life.  Without wolves, other iconic national parks and wildlands—like the Sierra, Grand Canyon, and the Southern Rockies to name just a few—will continue to slowly wither away. 

So we’re launching the Howlin’ Summer – because we’re howlin’ mad and we’re going to tell every important decision-maker that we will stand with the wolves.  

Join us today in sending a message to Sally Jewell, the new Secretary of the Interior. Tell her to the job of wolf recovery is not done.  Not when wolves are only recovered in 5% of their historic habitat.  She can prevent a new round of bloodshed by keeping wolves protected in states like Colorado, California, Utah and many others.  

You can expect to hear from us every couple of weeks with a message to a new target who can help us prevent this nightmare for wolves from becoming a daily reality.  

Join our pack and get ready to howl – we’ll be asking you to register your outrage through calls, protests, social media, public comments, and more - because America’s wolves deserve better.

Add your voice to the chorus of those decrying Fish and Wildlife’s premature abandonment of wolves and join us for future actions to keep wolves protected in the wild.  Let Secretary Jewell know that the first major wildlife decision of her tenure is a huge mistake – tell her you’re howlin’ mad.

For the Wild,
Bethany Cotton signature

Bethany Cotton

Bethany Cotton
Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

photo credit: Howling wolf: Retron at Wikimedia wolves; two wolves - Shawn Kinkaid

Howlsnow wikimedia public Domain pic by Retron

The Government plans to abandon wolves and we’re howlin’ mad – join our pack and stand with the wolves.



Without wolves, western landscapes including Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Canyon, and the Weminuche are missing a key piece of a complete and well-functioning ecosystem.





Check out our map, which howing only 5% re-colonization of historic habitat (5% is not enough).


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