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WildEarth Guardians

 Speak out to Protect the
Rocky Mountains from Dirty Energy

Dear Guardian,

Colorado’s mountain backcountry is again under siege by the coal industry.

Please take a minute to send a letter to the Forest Service calling on them to protect wild places in the Rocky Mountains.

Roadless lands in western Colorado are once more in the line of the coal industry’s bulldozers. This time, it’s the Pilot Knob roadless area on the lower elevations of the southeastern Grand Mesa.

I've been to this place and it's amazing.  It's full of lush aspen forest, beaver ponds, untrammeled oaks, and habitat for endangered lynx, black bear, deer, and elk.  As I hiked to the top of Pilot Knob looking out over the Gunnison River Valley below, I found this place to be as wild as any wilderness and worthy of protection.

Yet Oxbow mining, headed by Bill Koch, another billionaire Koch brother, wants to expand its Elk Creek coal mine into the upper reaches of this roadlesss area and lay it to waste for more coal. At the end of the day, 364 acres of the Pilot Knob stand to be lost forever. 

Tell the Forest Service today to stand up to the greed of the coal industry and put Colorado’s wild places first. Tell them our future is not with coal.

Because if you thought the climate impacts of burning coal weren’t bad enough, Oxbow’s plans will deliver an even worse punch to our planet.

To get at the coal underneath the Pilot Knob, Oxbow intends to drill up to dozens of wells above the mine to vent methane, otherwise known as natural gas. Methane isn’t just a valuable product, it’s a potent greenhouse gas. Already, the amount of methane vented every year at Elk Creek mine equals the amount of carbon pollution spewed by an entire coal-fired power plant. Check out how destructive methane venting is to the landscape.

Americans deserve better. Here, not a single acre of the Grand Mesa has been protected as wilderness. It’s time to draw the line. 

Speak out today let’s save Pilot Knob from dirty energy and keep our Colorado backcountry protected.

For the Wild Ones,
Jeremy Nichols Signature

Staff Photo 2012 Jeremy Nichols r.1

Jeremy Nichols
Director of the Climate and Energy Program
WildEarth Guardians


The Pilot Knob roadless area is on the flanks of the Grand Mesa and overlooks the West Elk Wilderness and Gunnison River Valley.



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