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     Federal Agent Caught Torturing Neighbor’s Dog While on Duty     

Dear Guardian,

It doesn’t get much more twisted than this.

Federal trapper Russell Files was arrested for felony cruelty after he set steel-jawed traps to ensnare his neighbor’s dog, Zoey, for coming into his yard. And he did it while on the government’s dime.

Send your Congresssional Representative a message and let them know you want an end to funding for government-sponsored animal brutality.

A neighbor and police found Zoey exhausted and covered in blood. Zoey had broken 22 teeth trying to bite her way out of two leg-hold traps.

Sadly the Zoe incident is not an isolated example of cruel behavior by employees of the rogue agency with its misnomer name: “Wildlife Services.” Late last year another employee, Jamie P. Olson, tortured coyotes while on the federal clock.

Please join us in demanding that Congress eliminate funding for this agency within U.S. Department of Agriculture. Help us seek justice for Zoey, for coyotes and all the other animals that are targets of hatred and intolerance.

Stand for compassion and tell Congress that we don’t want our precious tax dollars to pay for this kind of violence and corruption.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Agent Files clocked in as “on duty” when he set the traps in his front yard to capture Zoey.

This secretive federal agency spends hundreds of millions of tax dollars to kill millions of animals – from grizzly bears to wolves to pet dogs – every year. Their arsenal is truly astonishing:  poisons, guns, snares, dynamite, planes, and traps. They kill purportedly to benefit those in agribusiness. But their anachronistic ways must be relegated to the shadows like other long gone injustices.

Call on Congress today. Ask it to defund the perversely-named "Wildlife Services" because tax-funded animal torture is unacceptable in a modern society.

For the Wild,

staff photo Wendy Keefover

Wendy Keefover
Executive Director
WildEarth Guardians

Zoey dog trapped by Federal USDA agent
photo courtesy: ADLA

Zoey lay with two legs gripped in leg-hold traps, 22 broken teeth, and covered by her own blood before being rescued by police and humane workers.



Learn more about the USDA's Wildlife Services by visiting our Ending the War on Wildlife webpages.


Zoey the dog paw cut by federal agent's trap


One of Zoey's injured paws, compliments of the Federal Government.

   Tell a friend to join you in requesting that Congress defund the USDA's Wildlife Services.

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