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WildEarth Guardians

 Don’t Let Them Dry Up the Rio Grande

Dear Guardian,  

It’s a critical time for the Rio Grande. 

The river has been reduced to a trickle. The iconic cottonwoods that line its banks are stressed and dying. And for the first time ever scientists who conduct monthly surveys for the endangered Rio Grande silvery minnow found no fish this October.

It’s clear—now more than ever—that we need a water plan that ensures the river has a right to its own water.

Thankfully federal and state water managers are now deciding whether any water will be provided for the river and its endangered species. Let's make sure it is enough to sustain the Rio Grande—exercise your voice and send a message to your elected officials.

Please join us in urging these key decision makers and to ensure that the Rio Grande is given a right to its own water. Tell them you support establishing a water-leasing program to pay farmers not to use their water and instead keep that water in the Rio Grande.

It’s a common sense solution that’s been employed in rivers all across the west—the Colorado River, the Bay-Delta, and the Klamath. We need to start one here on the Rio Grande.

Send your email today and tell decision makers that you want cities, farmers and industries to do their part to ensure a 150-mile stretch of the river flows in central New Mexico.

The Rio Grande is one of the most diverse, beautiful and wild rivers in the world. Help us ensure that the river has a right to its own water that helps maintain a living Rio Grande.

For the Rio,
John Horning Signature

Staff Photo John Horning

John C. Horning
Executive Director
WildEarth Guardians

rio grande treehugger bash 2011 image
photo credit: Adriel Heisey

Albuquerque's public radio KUNM reports, "Rio Grande could join 'ghost river's' of the Southwest."



The Rio Grande bookfront cover final
photo credit: Adriel Heisey
We still have copies of our spectacular large-format book The Rio Grande: An Eagle's View chronicling one of the world’s most significant rivers – the Rio Grande available for purchase.


   Tell a friend to join you in taking action to advocate for the Rio Grande.

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