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Senate’s Sportsmen's Bill Would Undermine Wolf Recovery and the Endangered Species Act

Wolves are Wildlife that Deserve Protection Too

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Dear Guardian,

Six senators just introduced a bill (S 1514) including sneaky provisions that would devastate decades of gray wolf recovery in the Great Lakes by stripping wolves of federal Endangered Species Act protections. The ironically named “Hunting Heritage and Environmental Legacy Preservation for Wildlife Act’’ or “HELP” Wildlife Act would only “help” the special interests of select trophy hunters and fisherpeople.

In addition to paving the way for cruel "recreational" slaughtering of wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, the bill would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from limiting toxic lead from fishing gear. We need the Senate to hear loud and clear that wolves and species impacted by toxic lead are wildlife that need help too.

Ethical hunters and fisherpeople don't use lead gear because they know the horrendous impacts of lead poisoning that cascades through ecosystems, killing critically endangered California condors and other wildlife.

Tell your Senators to vote no on the Sportsmen's Bill to protect all wildlife and the integrity of the Endangered Species Act. Congressional meddling in what should be science-based decisions is unacceptable.

The Endangered Species Act is responsible for the recovery of iconic animals including the bald eagle and American alligator, but the law only works if Congress doesn’t tamper with its proven process. Thanks to the ESA, we still have wild ecosystems with native carnivores including grizzly bears, gray and Mexican wolves and Canada lynx. We know the ESA has saved at least 227 imperiled species from extinction.

We can’t let misguided politicians and out-of-control special interests undermine this essential and effective law. Join us in speaking up in defense of wolves and the ESA.

Extinction is non-partisan. If wolves or California condors are driven to extinction by selfishness and greed, they will be gone forever. Contact your Senators today to tell them to vote no on the Sportsmen's Bill. Calls are even more effective than emails, so please take a moment to call too.

For the wild,

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Bethany Cotton
Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

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